We have compiled a list of trades and services that you might find useful. Please note that we do not endorse any of these businesses and this page is for information only.

Sarah Barker

Tel: 07765890998

Ted Young


D. H. Marshall

Tel: 01503 262714

Ian Puckey Builders

Tel: 01503 264401

L and J Pro Building Contractors

Website: http://www.landjprobuildingcontractors.co.uk

Tel: 01503 264440

LMS Plastering 

Tel: 07808 544464

Rusty Nuts Restoration and Renovations

Tel: 07505 395394

Quality Construction Services

Tel: 07496 491633

Emz Cakez and Deserts Cornwall

Tel: 07775 533625

Website: http://www.emzcakezcornwall.co.uk

Boots the Chemist, Fore Street

Tel: 01503 262980

Website: www.boots.com

Looe Pharmacy
, Fore Street

Tel: 01503 262243

Website: www.wringtons.co.uk

Synergy Chimney Sweeps

Tel: 07858 630046

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Cornwall Laptop and Computer Repairs

Website: http://www.cornwallcomputerrepairs.co.uk

Tel: 07943 869197

Liskeard Dental Centre, 4 Charter Way, Liskeard, PL14 3XB

Tel: 01579 348001

Maplecroft Practice, Bay View Road, PL13 1JN

Tel: 01503 262001

Website: http://www.maplecroftdental.co.uk/

The Smile Centre, 39 Church Road, Liskeard, PL14 3AQ

Tel: 01579 342348

Website: https://www.the-smile-centre.com/

Classy Canines Holistic Dog Grooming, Buller Quay, Quay Street, Looe, PL13 1AQ

Tel: 07984 527417

Website: https://www.classycaninesholisticdoggrooming.com/contact

The Dog House, Higher Market Street, Looe PL13 1BN

Tel: 01503 269251

Website: https://thedoghousecornwall.co.uk/dog-grooming-in-looe/

M and P Electrical (Cornwall) Ltd

Tel: 01503 263224

Moore Electrical

Tel: 01503 240298

Bradleys Estate Agents, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1AD

Tel:  01503 264888

Website: https://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/

Carla Jones Estate Agent, The Round House, West Looe, PL13 2EP

Tel: 01503 342348

Website: https://www.carlajonesestateagents.com/

Ocean and Country, 2a Barbican Parade, East Looe, PL13 1EZ

Tel: 01503 266980

Website: https://www.oceanandcountry.co.uk/contact-us

Popes Estate Agent, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1HH

Tel: 01503 263841

Website: http://www.popes-looe.co.uk

Seasons Estate Agents, Bridge End, Fore Street, Looe PL13 1HH

Tel: 01503 265265


Stratton Creber Estate Agent, Fore Street, Looe, P13 1DT

Tel: 01503 520125

Website: http://www.strattoncreber.co.uk

Below are some helpful phone numbers, guidance for indoor and outdoor precautions, and some do’s and do not’s should severe storms cause flash floods:

Helpful Numbers

  • The Environment Agency flood telephone helpline should be the first port of call for the most up-to-date advice for your area. Their number is 0845 988 1188.
  • You can also sign up for Floodline Warnings Direct by calling 0845 988 1188 for Typetalk or online here.
  • If you need to make a claim please find more information and guidance on how do so here.
  • For Floodline Warnings in Scotland please call 0345 988 1188 or click here.
  • For Floodline Warnings in Wales please call 0345 988 1188 or click here.

If property is at risk of flooding and flood damage, below are some tips to help keep you safe and reduce loss to property and possessions:


  • Turn off electricity, gas and mains water supplies.
  • Move as many possessions as possible upstairs or into the loft. Smaller items should be removed from the property for safekeeping.
  • Ensure that furniture that cannot be moved is tied down to prevent it from floating and damaging other belongings.
  • Disconnect appliances connected by rigid pipes to the mains supply. This prevents the pipes from snapping if the appliances float off.
  • Block sinks and baths with a weighed down plug as plugs can let in floodwater.


  • Your local authority may provide flood boards or sand bags. They can be used to cover the building’s vents, doors, lower windows and air bricks to reduce the amount of water that gets in.
  • Once the flood has passed, remove all coverings to allow air to circulate as soon as possible.
  • Flow valves for propane gas or oil storage tanks should also be shut off.


  • Prepare for flooding with a Personal Flood Plan
  • Keep extension cables out of water and wear rubber boots.
  • Avoid enclosed areas which may not be ventilated and where hazardous fumes may build (e.g. garages and cellars).
  • Call the National Grid immediately if you smell gas or suspect a leak, their number is 0800 111 999.
  • Beware of rogue traders and cold callers who may try to exploit the aftermath of flood hit areas.

Do not

  • Walk through floodwater, along river banks or cross river bridges if avoidable. As much as 15cm of fast-flowing water can knock you over and banks or river bridges may collapse in extreme situations.
  • Let children play in flood water or with contaminated belongings.
  • Re-enter your property unless you are sure it is safe to do so.

Barbican Garage, Barbican Road, East Looe PL13 1EY

Tel: 01503 262877

Barbican MOT Testing Centre, Barbican Road, East Looe, PL13 1EY

Tel: 01503 265020

M Clark Motors, Polperro Road, West Looe PL13 2QP

Tel: 01503 265511

MJ Autos, The Coach House Flat, Millpool, West Looe, PL13 2AF

Tel: 07368631618

Pelynt Garage, Jubilee Hill, Pelynt PL13 2JZ

Tel: 01503 220369

Dunn and Dusted

Tel: 07578 689606

Green Gardens by Jack Brown

Tel: 07443 133341

Greenwood Garden Care

Tel: 07747 841225

Dan the Gutter Man

Tel: 07886 290596

Carl Prescott Hair Design

Website: https://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-Prescott-Hair-Design/100057135024431/

Tel: 01503 263233

Elysian Hair

Website: https://www.elysianhairlooe.com/

Tel: 01503 263932h

Guildhall Barbers


Tel: 07787 045361

Head Case

Tel: 01503 262252

Little Hair Loft


Tel: 01503 598050

Glendale Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Lower Landazzard Farm, Liskeard, PL14 6SP

Tel: 01579 321442

Website: http://www.glendaleboardingkennels.com

Pelynt Kennels and Cattery, Higher Tregarrick Mill Farm, Pelynt, PL13 2LT

Tel: 01503 220915

Website: http://pelyntkennels.co.uk

Looe Locksmiths

Tel: 07739 124163

Website: www.looelocksmiths.com

SW Locks

Tel: 07789 000725


Huxley and Davy Opticians, Higher Market Street, Looe, PL13 1BP

Tel: 01503 262054

Website: http://www.huxteranddavy.co.uk

Thompson Opticians, 2 The Quay, West Looe, PL13 2BX

Tel: 01503 262095

Website: http://www.thompsonsopticians.co.uk

Gas and Plumbing Services

Tel: 07501 514488

WR Plumbing

Tel: 01752 290566

Barrie’s Taxis

Tel: 07792 722549

Bridge Taxis

Tel: 07891 585708

Crystal Cars

Tel: 01503 263636

Heidi’s Taxi

Tel: 07493 633017

Jack’s Cab

Tel: 07869 820285

Looe Kabs

Tel: 01503 761010

Looe Luggage Transfer

Tel: 07810 644449

Looe Taxis

Tel: 01503 262405


Tel: 07891 585708

Pelynt Cars

Tel: 07706 005167

Polperro Luggage Transfer

Tel: 07896 536317

Polperro Luggage Transfer

Tel: 07794 904239

Sarah’s Taxi’s

Tel: 01503 265688

Scenic Taxi

Tel: 07869 820285

Calweton Veterinary Group, The Millpool, West Looe, PL13 2AF

Tel: 01503 263773

Website: http://calwetonvets.com

Luxstowe Vets, The Quay, West Looe, PL13 2ES

Tel: 01579 342120