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18 year old Lily from Looe, completes Initial Royal Navy Training!

On 14th June, 2024 we had the pleasure of attending The Royal Navy passing out parade at HMS Raleigh. Lily, who lives in Looe, completed her initial 10-week Navy training which involved numerous physical team challenges such as; assault course, obstacle course, fitness training, navigation training across Dartmoor, a naval swimming test and the most physical and demanding of all, the stretcher run, carrying an 80 kilo dummy on a stretcher at pace around the camp.

The training also included marching and weapon drill, firefighting, flood prevention, first aid, kit inspections and general Naval academic training.  At the end of this arduous but rewarding 10-week training period, Lily attended the passing out parade alongside her fellow class recruits, an event that marked the successful completion of Initial Royal Navy Training.  She will now attend her part 2 training in her chosen specialisation before being made available for her first sea appointment.


Lily aged 18, kindly spoke to us about her experience stating that ‘I’ve always wanted to join the Navy because of the travel opportunities and sense of adventure. When I was younger, I looked up to people in the Navy, but never really thought it was possible for me until around Secondary School. There were both high and low points on the journey so far, but it has all been worth it!’  Lily’s Mum, Mel said ‘I am immensely proud of Lily for following her dream, 12 months ago they claimed her medically unfit to join, yet here she is passing out!’ Lily is now hoping to train as a Sea Spec in the next steps of her training with ambitions to have a long-lasting career within the Royal Navy.

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Lily & Mum Mel at HMS Raleigh


Throughout this process Lily was trained and looked after by a professional team of training instructors within her allocated division.  She also received strong moral support from mum and family as well as from her divisional Mentors Dave Gregory and Chris Harwood.  Chris an is ex Royal Navy Officer and Looe Town Councillor who volunteers at HMS Raleigh to provide the additional support for the trainees and families wherever required.  Chris stated  ‘Having served in the Royal Navy for 34 years which included similar initial Naval training and a spell at Raleigh as a Part 1 Training Officer I can fully engage with what the recruits are undertaking and the huge rewards and emotion that come with the Passing Out Parade in front of their family and friends.  Well done Lily’.

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Chris, Lily and Mel at HMS Raleigh