We will be launching a brand new Visit Looe website in 2021 to show off all of the reasons why Looe is the best place to be!

We are looking for blogs (short articles written in a casual style) on anything that you think would be interesting and helpful to our visitors (new and returning).

Your blog could be a top 5 list of whatever you love about Looe such as the best places to watch the sunset or your favourite winter walks or some words about Looe’s history or how to spend the perfect day in Looe.

Whatever you love about Looe and the surrounding area, we’d love to share it!   Please send your blogs and photos to enquiries@looetowncouncil.gov.uk

To help you write the perfect blog, here are some quick guidelines:

  1. Think of a topic: what would encourage visitors to Looe (especially in the Spring, Autumn and Winter), how can you help visitors plan their time in Looe (and surrounding area) or make their trip even more special?
  1. Plan what you are going to write: your blog should be less than 500 words so think about what you want to say and in what order.
  1. Remember your reader: your blog should share the magic of Looe and be a casual, easy read. Put the reader first and think about what would interest them.
  1. Write your blog: use a casual tone, like you are chatting with a friend. Keep it simple with short paragraphs, short sentences and simple words.  Refer to your plan so the reader can follow your thoughts easily. You can include links to relevant websites.
  1. Take care with promotion: your blog cannot promote a single business or product. Your blog must promote Looe using whatever topic you have chosen. It is okay to mention a selection of Looe businesses or products, for example a top 5 list of your favourite things made in Looe or your top 5 places to enjoy a coffee with a view.  It’s also okay for a business to write a blog but the topic should be broader than what they sell, for example why I love working in Looe.
  1. Photos: please send us high resolution images along with your blog. If you are writing a top 5 list, please include an image for each item on your list. If your photos include people’s faces, you are responsible for making sure you have permission for the photos to be used online and to promote Visit Looe.
  1. Credits: let us know if you would like to be named as the author of the blog and credited with the photos that you send to us. Let us know how to present your name i.e. Mrs A Smith, A. Smith, Alice Smith, Alice, etc.

We can’t promise that every blog we receive will be published.  To make this more likely, please follow our guidelines and pick a topic that visitors will love.

Thank you for your help, we look forward to hearing from you.