Looe Town Council

The Millpool
West Looe, Cornwall PL13 2AF
Tel: 01503 262255

Council's Role

Communication from members of the public
If your correspondence is urgent or requires circulation to all Councillors please clarify this for us to enable the correct action to be taken, thank you.

  1. Preamble
    a. The Looe Town Council is the only public body within Looe whose members are elected *, **, and subjected to being re-elected, on a four year cycle.
    b. It is the only body that has a legal mandate to represent all the people of Looe.
    c. The Council operates in accordance with Standing Orders which are produced within the regulations set out by Government Legislation and approved at full Council. They are under constant review.
  2. The role of the Council is:-
    a. Representing the community at County level in the shaping and building of local identity, provision of services, transport and housing.
    b. Representing the community at County level, and with other organisations, to ensure that their views in formulating policies that effect the community are known.
    c. Representing the views of the community at national and regional levels.
    d. Liaison with Police to aid the enforcement of the law.
    e. Helping to regulate harmful and disruptive behaviours.
    f. Maintaining cohesiveness of the community and supporting debate within the community to ensure smaller voices are heard.
    g. Helping to resolve local disagreements over planning or resources matters and having an input on such matters to Cornwall Council.
    h. Working to make the local economy more successful, to support the creation of new businesses and jobs in the areas, including through making the area attractive to new investment and skilled workers, and helping to manage economic change.
    i. Understanding the local needs and preferences and working with other authorities to ensure that the right services are provided to local people.
  3. Liaison with Cornwall Council, Police, Fire and Rescue Services, RNLI, MCGA and other agencies in the event of national disasters and emergencies including flooding.
  4. To ensure that the views of the contiguous Parishes are taken into consideration in the formulating of policies or plans that may affect them or their communities.
  5. To support those other organisations within Looe who are striving to improve the environs and work opportunities for the people of Looe.

* For the purposes of Local Government those that put themselves forward for election, even though through lack of numbers an election is not actually held, will be deemed to have been elected.

** The Harbour Commissioners are also elected, but on a three year cycle, and are concerned only with the operation of the Looe Harbour and waters.

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