Shutta Road

Works on Shutta Road

We have received the following communication from Cormac regarding the works on Shutta Road.

Since our works to repair sections of the retaining wall on Shutta Road began, there have been a small number of complaints regarding the construction and finish of the rebuilt sections of wall, associated planning permissions, and conservation and heritage. To that end and whilst these issues are resolved with the appropriate bodies, we have made the remaining sections that still require work safe and are pulling off site by this coming Friday  9th April. We will continue to carry out periodic safety inspections.

As you’ll recall, the original works were of an urgent safety nature. The additional works that have also taken place, are mixture of maintenance and some further safety critical repairs that had been identified, and could be carried out whilst the road closure was already in place. They have therefore extended our time on site.

We are currently working with Cornwall Council’s Legal team, the Heritage and Conservation officers and the Planning Authority, to resolve the issues that have been raised. As these consultations can take some time, we will apply for a further road closure towards the end of October 2021, with a view to completing the safety works thereafter.

Please be aware that any other works taking place on Shutta Road that prevent the road being fully open, are associated with private landslips and not with the repairs Cormac have been carrying out.

Many thanks once again all those residents of Shutta Road, who’s ongoing patience and support during these essential works is very much appreciated. If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to speak to someone about this, please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at

Kind regards.

Lindsay Opie | PR & Communications Manager

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