Debbie 2

Welcome Debbie – our new Street Marshall

Looe Town Councill will once again be employing a Marshall this year to provide information to visitors and to prevent drivers from entering Fore Street unless they are accessing premises in that area.

Our new Street Marshall, Debbie, joined us today, 13th July, just in time for the busy summer season, and will be working at the entrance to Fore Street on Thursday to Sunday each week.

We all know how busy and crowded the town centre is in the summer months which makes driving through the crowds very difficult as well as unsafe. Fore Street is an ‘Access Only’ road so people should not be driving along it unless they need to get to premises or private parking that is only accessible by that route.

There have already been some accidents this year where pedestrians have been injured so having someone there to reduce the number of vehicles makes the area much safer for everyone.