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Supportmatch Homeshare

Supportmatch Homeshare is a not-for-profit organisation, partnered with Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) to deliver a Homeshare Scheme in Cornwall. 

The Scheme provides live-in support to adults by matching people who need live-in support (the ‘Householder’) with those that can give it (the ‘Homesharer’). More specifically, the Scheme involves matching someone with a spare room that would like practical support around the home and companionship with someone that needs affordable accommodation and can provide practical support and companionship for an agreed number of hours per week.

The benefits are significant and can improve quality of life, for both the Householder and the Homesharer, through reducing loneliness and provide practical support such as cooking and helping prepare meals, basic meals, general housekeeping and provide an overnight presence for both parties (note: this arrangement does not include personal care).

 Typically support and companionship is between 10-15 hours per week and the accommodation provided is very affordable, safe and secure. Both parties are vetted and safeguarding is a crucial element of this Scheme.

 If you or anyone you know, as a Householder, have a spare room and want to learn more about Homeshare and the many benefits of having a Homesharer provide you with live-in companionship and support, we can help!

Or perhaps you know of someone in desperate need of affordable accommodation, then please get in touch via or call 02036 336 066