Shutta Road Progression.

The works on Shutta Road have progressed well and the contractor’s have now began the final phase.

The majority of the works have now been constructed and the Cormac team have removed and rebuilt approximately sixty six meter’s of the retaining wall. The final two sections, totaling twenty five meter’s in length, are now underway and include four gateways to be infilled with heritage brick.

You may have noticed that some of the lime mortar coping has cracked in the intense sunlight and heat we’ve had recently. This is currently being inspected, removed and replaced as necessary, with special measures to protect from further shrinkage cracks.

Cormac appreciate that access to properties on Shutta Road has been extremely difficult since the project began, and they are very grateful to everyone for their patience.  At times they have been able to remove the fencing and allow access for occasional weekends which they will endeavor to do the same again, when possible, in the coming weeks.

For those residents whose parking spaces have been directly affected by the works areas, if the team have now moved away from your section  you will no longer need the parking pass you were issued, therefore Cormac request to return the pass to them as Cormac are not able to purchase additional passes for Buller Quay carpark, and have some residents in need for this final phase, therefore please either hand them to the site team, or contact Lindsay at: and they can arrange to collect it from you. Thank you.

Your continued support is much appreciated.

Cormac Contracting