gwr train strike

Resignalling work for Devon and Cornwall this weekend

Network Rail will be starting resignalling work for Devon and Cornwall this weekend.

This is a major investment and will improve safety, reliability and offer the potential to add more services in future the way for the Mid Cornwall Metro.

There will be limited change to services this weekend, but the mainline will be closed between Plymouth and St Erath all day Sunday (10 September).  This will be followed from Monday 25 September with overnight work.  This will take place through October and November and through into January and February 2024.

This will mean that GWR will not be able to operate the Night Riviera Sleeper.  They have looked at all options, including moving the resignalling work to the daytime. This would have a very significant impact on journeys for work, school and leisure over several months. They believe that the best option is therefore to focus the work overnight, so that they can keep trains moving throughout the day.

GWR understand the importance of the sleeper and together they have developed a plan that will mean lines will remain open on Fridays and Sundays so that they can maintain sleeper services on the two busiest days.  The work will be completed over the winter months, again when the sleeper is less busy, that said, they know it is well used all year round and appreciate that this will be difficult for many of their customers.

GWR have not been taking sleeper bookings for the period of the works in order to help customers plan well in advance and we will be working together on customer communication, including media and stakeholder updates.  The first of these was issued today and is available here  GWR wanted you to be aware in advance, and they will continue to keep you updated throughout the work.  They will also have dedicated webpages  and

Finally, they wanted to assure you of our absolute commitment to the Night Riviera Sleeper service. They understand its importance, and this is not a sign that it will in anyway be reduced or removed.


Resignalling is good news for Cornwall and for Devon and a clear overnight work plan, that does not impact daily and weekend services, is the least disruptive option.


As always if you have any questions on the work, or how they are planning to communicate please do let them know, and they will keep you updated on progress.