Big Deal for Cornwall

Proposed Deal for Cornwall

The proposed Cornwall Devolution Deal public consultation is now open on Let’s talk Cornwall here:

The consultation closes at midnight on 17 February 2023.


We would like to thank those Community Network Panels that have requested someone attend their meeting to talk about the proposed Cornwall Devolution Deal.

We would also like to thank those town and parish council colleagues who attended one of our online T&PC Briefing sessions on 2 and 6 December.


We will be hosting a live event for residents, on Tuesday 13 December on Facebook: and YouTube:

We are looking into arranging three further public events to be held in west, mid and east Cornwall. We will share information about these events as soon as possible.


We are sharing information about the proposed Cornwall Devolution Deal to help people in making an informed decision about the content of the proposed deal, and required change in governance from a Leader to an elected Mayor.


There is more information about the proposed deal, including the film of the presentation and a link to the consultation on Let’s talk Cornwall, available on the Council’s website:


The consultation questionnaire is available on the Council’s Let’s talk Cornwall site:

Here is a link to the film of the presentation delivered at the T&PCs Proposed Devolution Deal briefing events:

We can provide paper copies of the consultation survey questionnaires for people who need it, on request by phone: 0300 1231 118 or by email: