New Homeshare scheme for Cornwall

Cornwall Council is partnering with Supportmatch Homeshare and Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum to deliver a new scheme in Cornwall.

Supportmatch Homeshare matches householders with homesharers. A householder is an individual or couple with a spare room that would like practical support around the home and companionship. A homesharer is someone who needs affordable accommodation and can provide support and companionship to the householder for an agreed amount of hours per week. This arrangement doesn’t include personal care.

Get in touch if:

  • You, or someone you know, have a spare room and want to learn more about the Homeshare Service. This could be your parents, a friend, a client, anyone that you know that needs support to maintain their independence or have a friendly companion at home. You can be a part of the discussion.
  • Or you know of someone in desperate need of affordable accommodation.

Contact or ring 0203 633 6066 for more information. Or download the Homeshare case study providing an example of how the scheme works. You don’t have to sign up to anything, just get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Find out more about Supportmatch Homeshare here.

There’s information on housing in Cornwall, including affordable housing, support for tenants and homelessness, on Cornwall Council’s Housing web page.