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Millpool Toilet Charges – Resident Cards

Residents may be aware that we have installed gates at the Millpool toilets requiring a 20p entry fee, payable by contactless card. This avoids the need for cash to be collected, counted and banked, as well as removing the risk of money being stolen. Evidence from other towns is that vandalism of facilities is also lessened when people have to pay for access.

If you live in Looe and are a frequent user of the public toilets, or if you don’t usually carry a debit or credit card, you may wish to consider buying a ‘resident card’ for easy access to the public toilets. This card will provide up to 30 entries to the toilets per calendar month for a one-off administration fee of £5, just to cover the cost of the cards. Cards are now available from Looe Library and you will be asked for proof of address when you come in, e.g. driving licence, council tax bill, etc. You can find library opening times at Library – Looe Town Council

We appreciate that paying to use the toilet is a new concept to Looe but, as you’ll know, it has been the practice in many other places for a long time. Looe Town Council are introducing charges as a large part of our precept income (which comes from the Council Tax you pay) is being used to fund the facilities which Council does not believe to be good value for our residents. The income generated from toilet entry fees will be used to offset increases in the costs of running the toilets as well as contributing to the ongoing maintenance and improvements that are necessary.

Over the next few months, Councillors will be reviewing the success of the scheme and considering whether to introduce payment at the other public toilets around the town. As always, if you have any views about this, we’d love to hear from you – please send any feedback to