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Meet Councillor Chris Harwood

As you may be aware from last weeks post, we took the time to speak with councillors to learn more about their aims and aspirations as a member of the Looe Town Council, in addition to the hobbies and interests they have outside of work.

The aim of this series is for the reader to ‘meet’ the councillors from a personal perspective.

This week we introduce Councillor (East Looe Ward) Chris Harwood.


Aims & Aspirations as Councillor

I joined the Looe Town Council team in April 2023. With a keen interest in supporting Looe and the community I am eager to bring my knowledge and experience of managing successful outcomes under challenging situations to the greater benefit of the Looe Community. I am particularly interested in preserving and enhancing the true character of Looe. I often get involved and organise volunteers to assist with tidying up key areas in Looe. Clearing weeds and bushes from areas that need it, wherever and whenever we can.

As the Chair of the Looe Safety Partnership, it is my aim to ensure that all of the key organisations within the Looe area are fully prepared as far as we possibly can to deal with any issues that we may face that need collective support, including key events in the towns calendar. I am very interested in ensuring that the vibrant character of Looe and its heritage is maintained.

I strive to maintain the correct balance between the needs of business, residents, and visitors across all ages of our community. I am practical and have a determination to get things done, being keen to help wherever I can. I am also willing to hold public organisations to account as and when required for the correct decisions and subsequent delivery, with the prime interests of the members of the Looe community always in mind.


Working Background & Interests 

I had a full career with the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer Officer. Joining at the age of 16 straight from school as a Junior Rating, serving 34 years and retiring as a Lieutenant Commander. I later worked in industry as the lead manager co-ordinating engineering shore support to meet operational requirements for Type 45 Navy Destroyers. I have lived in and around the local area for most of my working life with periods during this time living in both East and West Looe. Since retiring I now reside in West Looe where I have lived with my wife since 2018.

Outside of Council responsibilities I am also a Royal Naval Association Veteran Mentor working in HMS Raleigh, Torpoint. HMS Raleigh is the Royal Navy’s new entry establishment for all Ratings joining the Navy. As a Mentor we provide moral support to the trainees at key activities throughout their Part 1 Training, culminating in their Passing Out Parade where Families and Friends attend. Recently a girl from Looe joined and it was good to witness her class during training and to meet the Looe family and friends at the parade. I enjoy my time living in Looe with all the great things and events that it has to offer. Keen to travel and explore, particularly the many interesting places that make Cornwall such a wonderful place to live. Other interests include maritime and steam era heritage of the local area, DIY, gardening and model engineering.


If you are interested in becoming a councillor we have open positions. You can express your interest to,