Tony Ukraine

Mayor Tony Smith, Looe Lions and Sunflowers for Freedom

On Saturday, Mayor Tony Smith met with Tatyana Pozharyska from the Ukraine and representatives from Looe Lions and the Sunflowers for Freedom organisation to discuss how the town might form closer links with Choromorsk, a port on the Black Sea near Odesa. This follows work that Looe Lions and Sunflowers for Freedom, an organisation set up by a group of people brought together by the war in Ukraine, have been doing to collect and transport medical and humanitarian aid, and two ambulances to Odesa.

Tatyana herself is an army chaplain, lay preacher and runs a charity she founded that supports 250 displaced people from the east of Ukraine, orphans and displaced children and ex-soldiers who have varying degrees of mental health issues as a result of being captured and tortured by Russian armed forces.

Following the meeting Tatyana presented flags signed by a number of the wounded soldiers.