Big Deal for Cornwall

Mayor for Cornwall and Devolution

The Government and Cornwall Council have negotiated a proposed Devolution Deal which, if accepted, would give additional powers and funding to Cornwall Council (CC). This devolved power  would give CC more funding to invest in Cornwall’s future, and more control over the decision-making that affects Cornwall’s residents and businesses.

The Government has set an important condition: if Cornwall Council is to receive more powers and funding, it needs to change the way the it is governed. Instead of a Council Leader (who is currently elected by the 87 Cornwall Councillors each year), there would be a Mayor for Cornwall directly elected by the people of Cornwall every four years.

Cornwall Council are consulting with the public about these issues and the results of their  consultation will be considered before any decisions are made to approve the Devolution Deal.

To find out more about the proposals and to submit your views, please visit: Consultation on the proposed Cornwall Devolution Deal | Let’s Talk Cornwall

The public consultation closes at midnight on 17 February 2023.