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Latest Newsletter from the Old Bridge Surgery

Dear All,

Vaccination Update…

As July 19th approaches, we’re delighted to share the progress for the COVID vaccination programme for our community:

  • 92% of the adults (7802 patients), have had their first COVID vaccine
  • 87% of those who have received their first vaccine have had their 2nd vaccine too

This is an amazing achievement, with so many patients getting vaccinated to help protect themselves, their families and the community. Well done to everyone, who has come forward to get vaccinated. As a community we cannot be complacent. We need to continue to minimise the spread and help the surgery from becoming overwhelmed. We’re also in the planning stage to deliver COVID booster and flu jabs for eligible patients from September, so these are really busy times and your support and understanding is greatly appreciated.

If you are over 18 years, and haven’t been vaccinated (or completed your vaccination course), please come forward as soon as possible to grab your jab.  We are already experiencing high levels of demand for our services, with COVID numbers across the community increasing, so your help to complete the current vaccination programme is vitally important.

Covid Passports

For those that have been double vaccinated, you can use the NHS app to see your COVID passport, or request a paper copy here:


Thank you

Special thanks to Dr Benton and his lovely wife Judy who have come out of retirement to support us at our Millpool Covid Clinics.  Your help, support and kindness are inspirational.

Peter and Judy moved to Cornwall 16 years ago, living between Looe and Polperro for the past 14 of those. Peter is a retired Navy consultant occupational physician whilst Judy has worked as a theatre nurse and as a qualified social worker.

 Changes and continuations from Monday 19th July…

As we head into step 4 of the governments roadmap (the formal easing of all restrictions) we are aware many of our patients will be feeling anxious. We ask everyone to take personal responsibility to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to keep yourself, our community and the surgery safe. To help us to be able to deliver our services, we ask you:

  • Please continue to wear a mask for all surgery appointments, and we suggest you continue to wear these out and about, especially with Covid-19 cases increasing and in the knowledge that our community has many, many, elderly and vulnerable people.
  • Please continue to make twice-weekly lateral flow testing part of your routine so that we can identify cases when people have no symptoms. You can collect these from your local pharmacy.
  • Please continue to use the Test & Trace app and if you are notified to self-isolate, please ensure that you and your household follow the guidelines, including getting a PCR test if you become symptomatic. It is important to note, that during this isolation period, even if you have a PCR test and it is negative, that you still have to isolate for the whole duration.  Unfortunately, there is not a quick route out of isolation, however the current guidance suggests some possible changes for those double vaccinated from 16th August 2021. We’ll update you nearer the time, especially as the situation continues to be monitored with the number of cases across England expected to rise significantly over the coming weeks.
  • Please if you have not had your first vaccine, call to book an appointment urgently, and if you are awaiting your second vaccine, please book an appointment when you are contacted, typically 8-10 weeks after your first vaccine.

Changes on arrival at Looe Surgery

From Monday 19th July, patients arriving at the surgery will be able to enter the building directly, without waiting for a receptionist to open the door.  Wearing your face mask, and maintaining social distancing, please make your way to the downstairs reception area to check in. To be able to monitor the numbers in the waiting rooms, masks and distancing, we will not be using the check-in screen (yet). This process may change in the future.

Please be kind to our staff

Working through COVID has been significantly challenging. We are proud that we have managed and continue to see patients face-to-face (where appropriate) and continue to deliver as much of the ongoing monitoring and care as we can, whilst simultaneously delivering the COVID vaccination programme (which outperforms most other areas).  In spite of this, our staff are being subjected to increasing levels of hostility and abuse. Whilst a degree of frustration is understandable, this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and we request your kindness and respect, acknowledging our patient charter and zero tolerance policy.

Holiday Makers

Please continue to encourage holiday makers to contact 111 or their own GP surgery for their medical needs.  They should only be directed to us, if this fails, or their GP advises that an assessment is needed by us.  To help the surgery from becoming overwhelmed, your help is greatly appreciated.

Keep Safe

To help stop the spread of COVID, if anyone does develop symptoms, which include a new continuous cough, high temperature, loss or change to their sense of taste or smell, or simply cold or flu like symptoms, they should self-isolate straight away and go organise a COVID PCR test. 

Please have a PCR test, even if your lateral flow test result is negative.  A lateral flow test is only valid as a screening tool when ASYMPTOMATIC. The key here is that if you have symptoms the only way to exclude COVID is to have a PCR test.

Finally, please remember COVID has not gone away.  Being double jabbed does NOT mean you can’t get COVID, it simply means you have some vital protection to help your body resist developing the severe and life threatening symptoms associated with COVID.  If you have not been vaccinated, we really encourage you to come forward now.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please remember ‘Hands. Face. Space and Fresh Air’. And be kind….

Drs Kodde, Mogford and Buchanan

Partners, Old Bridge Surgery, and the Surgery Team