Cute hedgehog

Free Hedgehog Highways Door Available at the Library.

What is a Hedgehog Highway?

A Hedgehog Highway is a 5 inch gap in a fence or wall allowing access for Hedgehogs. Other names include ‘Hedgehog Door’, ‘Hedgehog Hole’ and ‘Hedgehog Tunnel’ come and get your free door at the Library.

These gaps are essential in the battle to prevent the extinction of our endangered spiky friends.

The Hedgehog Highway allows hedgehogs to:

* Forage for food

* Meet mates to breed

* Access nesting sites

Why should I get a Hedgehog Highway Surround?

1. Hedgehog Highway Signs look super cute!

2.  They raise awareness to hedgehogs’ struggle for survival

3. They create a talking point, encouraging others to create a highway of their own and take part in the project.

4. They can be an educational project for children at home or in a school.

The UK’s Biggest Hedgehog Highway!


The dream is to have Hedgehogs R Us Hedgehog Highway Surrounds available to buy in every village, town and city in the whole of the UK, but to do this help is needed from each and every one of you!

Imagine if the whole of the UK was one giant Hedgehog Highway!

Feel free to email if you need anymore information!

Put out food and water!

A Hedgehog friendly garden should generate a lot bugs for Hedgehogs to eat, but they still really benefit from extra food on top of their natural diet. Offer meaty cat/dog food and/or kitten biscuits every evening. Ensure hedgehogs always have access to a shallow dish of water.

Hedgehogs will not run away from the sound of a strimmer. Check ALL areas before strimming and move hedgehogs to a safe place (wearing gloves). Moving a family is more complicated and you should contact your local rescue for advice and support.

Create a wild area!

One of the main reasons for the decline in the Hedgehog population is believed to be a loss of habitat. A Hedgehog friendly garden requires plants, weeds and wildflowers! Let them go mad in one or more areas of your garden! Plant some hedges and create log piles to encourage bugs for the hedgehogs to eat and a place for the hedgehogs to sleep. Compost heaps are great too! You could put a Hedgehogs R Us Hedgehog House in the wildlife area too for even more protection.

Keep your garden rubbish and netting free!

Due to all of their spines, hedgehogs are prone to getting tangled. If someone asks you ‘How can I help Hedgehogs?, tell them to make sure all waste is disposed of correctly to prevent Hedgehogs getting stuck. Where possible, replace netting with a rigid structure. Sports and garden netting should be tied up or put away when not in use. If this is not possible, check it each morning to ensure nothing got stuck in the night.  A Hedgehog friendly garden should have no rubbish or netting. If you find a tangled hedgehog, take it straight to your local rescue.