We need you to ‘box clever’ and adopt a telephone box!

Rendered obsolete by the march of the mobile, BT have closed down telephone boxes all over the country and now two in Looe are in the firing line.  

The two are the one at the railway station, and the one at Millendreath.  Millendreath is one of the iconic red boxes which have been a feature of Looe for years and we don’t want to see it go if we can possibly help it! 

We have been offered the opportunity to ‘adopt’ these boxes for community use and this is where you come in…. what can we use them for to benefit the community? How can they be kept as a living part of the town?  

Other communities around the country have turned them into all sorts of things – libraries, cafes, information points, defibrillator housings and even a beach shower! What do you think we might do with ours and are there any community groups that might be interested in taking them on and looking after them? 

All ideas are welcome – however wacky! Please send them by email to enquiries@looetowncouncil.gov.uk. We need your responses by the 15th of May in order to save these assets for the Town.