A message from East Looe Town Trust re the Wooldown

The Trust are aware of reports of the possibility of a toxic substance on the Wooldown after social media reports of dogs being ill and sadly one dog passing away after being exercised in the area last week.  We have not had any direct information from the dog owners but have liaised with the local vets who advise that there are no deaths or illnesses of dogs linked to any toxin and they do not have any specific health concerns linked to the Wooldown.

The Trust do not use any pesticides on the Wooldown at all and the staff regularly empty the bins and litter pick the area to minimise the chance of dogs eating anything that could harm them.

The Wooldown is a natural area and there is always the possibility of stings or bites and we would urge any dog owner to seek advice from their vet if a dog appears to have been stung or bitten.

If you have any concerns or require more information about the management of the Wooldown then please contact the office on 01503 263709 or info@eastlooetowntrust.co.uk