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£2 Cap on Bus Fares

Amidst all the gloomy economic news recently,  a new £2 cap on single, adult bus journeys will be in place from January to March 2023.

This is designed to help passengers with travel costs for work, education, shopping and medical treatments over the winter months while we’re all facing pressures from the rising cost of living.

The Campaign for Better Transport state that “We called for a cap because bus fares have risen by 65 per cent in a decade – far faster than rail fares and motoring costs – and were becoming unaffordable for many people. This cap will be a great relief to the millions of people who rely on buses, especially the 35 per cent of low-income households that have no car and are more likely to use buses.”

If you currently drive to work or the shops, though, this £2 cap may be a cost-effective alternative for you. It is hoped it will encourage more people to find their nearest bus stop and give the bus a try – if everyone switched just one car journey a month to bus, there would be a billion fewer car journeys and a saving of two million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. A small change that really could make a big difference!

Find out more at £2 bus fare cap across England to save passengers money – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)