Looe Town Council Tel: 01503 262255 Looe Town Council Looe harbour

Members of Looe Town Council

Martin Gregory

Mayor Cllr Martin Gregory (East Looe Ward)
Bosula, West Watergate, Pelynt, PL13 2LY
Tel: 01503 272796

Chris Rose

Deputy Mayor Chris Rose (East Looe Ward)
5 Downs Lane Park, West Looe PL13 2DP
Tel: 01503 265206

Councillor Simon Barker (West Looe Ward)
Commonwood Manor, St Martins Road, Looe PL13 1LP
Tel: 01503 262929

David Bryan

Councillor David Bryan (East Looe Ward)
3 Restormel Road, Barbican, East Looe PL13 1EJ
Tel: 01503 264130

Trevor Crane

Councillor Trevor Crane (West Looe Ward)
2 The Arches, Hannafore, West Looe PL13 2DE
Tel: 01503 264535

Jimmy Dingle

Councillor Jimmy Dingle (West Looe Ward)
Jubilee Lodge, Jubilee Hill, Pelynt PL13 2JZ
Tel: 01503 220038

Edwina Hannaford

Councillor Mrs Edwina Hannaford (West Looe Ward)
Penwyn, Barbican Hill, East Looe PL13 1BQ
Tel: 01503 264160

James Lundy

Councillor James Lundy (East Looe Ward)
Woodlands, St Martins Road, East Looe, Looe PL13 1LP
Tel: 01503 264405

Jonathan  Newman

Councillor Jonathan Newman (East Looe Ward)
10 Restormel Road, East Looe, Looe PL13 1EJ
Tel: 01503 262255

Paul Penhaligan

Councillor Paul Penhaligan (East Looe Ward)
Chy Kemeneth, Shutta, East Looe, Looe PL13 1LS
Tel: 01503 802171 (Mobile: 07896 515334)

Michala Powell

Councillor Mrs Michala Powell (West Looe Ward)
32 Woodlands View, West Looe PL13 2AW
Tel: 01503 265677

Beverley Richardson

Councillor Mrs Beverley Richardson (East Looe Ward)
Lyndhurst, 17 Beech Terrace, West Looe, Looe PL13 2AQ
Tel: 07966 708152

Viv Sullivan

Councillor Mrs Viv Sullivan (East Looe Ward)
3 Wesley Terrace, Shutta Road, East Looe, Looe PL13 1HT
Tel: 07814 444981

Armand Toms

Councillor Armand Toms (East Looe Ward)
36 Trenant Road, Barbican, East Looe PL13 1EP
Tel: 01503 264823

Councillor Melanie Yarwood (West Looe Ward)
Seawind, Chapel Ground, West Looe, Looe PL13 2BH
Tel: 01503 265804

County Councillors:
Cornwall Councillor for East Looe and St Martin’s – Cllr Armand Toms
Cornwall Councillor for West Looe, Lanteglos and Lansallos – Cllr Edwina Hannaford


Communication from members of the public 

If your correspondence is urgent or requires circulation to all Councillors please clarify this for us  to enable the correct action to be taken, thank you.

Latest News

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You can report many issues to Cornwall Council like pot holes, missed rubbish/recycling collections, street lighting, breach of planning control etc etc.  Click here to access Cornwall Council online reporting forms www.cornwall.gov.uk/report-it/

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