Looe Town Council recognises and accepts its financial responsibilities in the management of public funds particularly when making discretionary grants or donations that contribute to the interests and social benefits of the residents of Looe.

The Town Council recognises the value of local charitable and community groups that provide for, or assist in the development of, community services meeting Community social needs. The Town Council will accordingly provide upon  application, a level of financial support as is possible within its annual budgetary provision. Each application will be assessed upon its own merits.

The Town Council has limited financial resources available for the provision of discretionary grants or donations to groups and organisations and may refuse funding applications or reduce the level of support requested.

This policy sets out the Town Councils requirements and guidelines when making such discretionary donations. Nothing in this policy however, precludes the Town Council from making payments in the mitigation of an emergency event including situations involving personal distress or hardship for residents.

Policy Statement

Looe Town Council makes provision in its annual budget for discretionary grants and donations to be made to community groups and other organisations in support of the Looe community. The budget amount for this provision shall be reviewed at least annually and authorised by Council.

All discretionary payments will be made in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Regulations adopted by the Town Council. Payments shall be authorised by the Finance and General Purposes Committee providing that the proposed amount is within the authorisation level of that committee, otherwise payments shall be authorised by Council.

The Town Council will only make discretionary grants or donations to ‘non-profit making’ groups or organisations in support of projects having a direct benefit to the residents of Looe or to the Looe Community. The Town Council will not respond to fundraising requests from groups or organisations where that group or organisation can only demonstrate generalised benefits to Looe residents or indirect benefits to the Looe community.

Discretionary payments will be made to suitable applicants on the basis of the donation being ‘match-funded.’ Applicants requesting funding must be able to demonstate that an equivalent level of finance has been raised from other sources, excluding other ‘match-funded’ applications.

All discretionary donations are conditional upon the funding being used for the purpose specified. In the event that an applicant’s project/initiative does not proceed, the funding provided by Looe Town Council shall be returned.


Applications will be considered where:

  • The applicant is a registered ‘not for profit’ organisation having a base or visible
    presence in Looe or directly contributes to the interests of the residents of Looe
  • The applicant is a community group based in Looe or which has a visible presence in
    Looe or whose activities have a significant impact upon the residents of Looe
  • The applicant can demonstrate that the funds will provide a direct benefit to Looe
  • The applicant must demonstrate a clear need for financial support
  • The funds are required for a new beneficial initiative or project in Looe (Note: a
    business case will be required for new initiatives/projects).
  • If the donation is for an event, entry to the event is free of charge for Looe residents to
    attend and participate
  • The applicant must provide clear evidence and supporting documentation of having
    financial support from other sponsors (Note: Groups and organisations may be required
    to submit trading accounts and balance sheets for the last financial year, including
    bank/building society accounts)

Applications will NOT be considered where:

  • The applicant is a private and ‘for profit’ organisation or association
  • The applicant is an individual person, unless supported by the relevant organisation
  • The applicant is a national or regional organisation routinely requesting funding support
  • The application is for funding in support of conferences and conventions.
  • More than one application for funding is made in any one financial year.

Adopted by Council: 3 rd July 2017

    Description and Value of Funds from Received / Pledged from Other Sources (Identify Sources)

    List Other Sources Approached for Donation/Grant Support

    Value of Donation/Grant Requested from Looe Town Council:

    Describe how the Project will be Sustained in the Future: