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Armand toms

Armand Toms

Councillor (East Looe Ward)

Cornwall Councillor for Looe East and Deviock.

Armand has been a County and District Councillor and joined Looe Town Council in 2007. He has been deputy Mayor for 2 years and Mayor for four years up until 2019.   Armand has been involved in so many things in the town including a fire to two tragic accidents. He knows that Looe is a very resilient community and always comes up trumps when the chips are down. He has been involved in promoting the Looe Valley Cycle Trail, Harbour Resilience Project, Economic Development and was instrumental in Looe Saves The Day (and still involved with Looe Live). Armand regularly litter picks and cleans the town. He is always willing to get out and about and support the towns residents no matter what the weather from floods to storms. He loves being a councillor and helping people.

Tel: 01503 264823

Email: cllr.armand.toms@cornwall.gov.uk

Address: 36 Trenant Road, Barbican, East Looe PL13 1EP