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As Your Town Council we are taking Everyone’s well being very seriously. We are pulling together to give all residents a central place to contact if they need help, though our Pandemic Coordination Group. In these difficult times we must all help each other. And feel able to ask for help. We want to take this opportunity to thank our Fantastic local volunteers for being part of Looe Town Councils #viralkindness Whatever you are worried about you, your family, friends, neighbours or relatives can call our specially set up helpline on 01503 804101 we are here waiting to help.

CORNWALL COUNCIL - Bounce back to business - Helping you re-open to the new normal. All you need to know information guide

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Looe Retailers and Services Information - The information is believed to be correct at the time of writing. To advise of changes or additions, please email: support@looetowncouncil.gov.uk

Please click on the links below to some helpful information posters detailing online ways in which to keep in touch, shop and wellbeing:

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