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Looe Town Council together with, The Rusty Bucket, Looe Valley Rotary Club, Looe Development Trust and the Cornwall Community Foundation have been working to pool resources to provide a Community Hardship Fund for Looe.

The resources and administration of the funds have been transferred to Boundless Trust who will process applications for assistance and contact applicants direct to discuss what help and assistance is required.

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Please click below to complete and submit a simple request form:

Please note that by completing the application on the Looe Town Council website the named applicants agree to the transfer of Information to the charity Boundless Trust.

Thank you for your assistance

boundless trust

Please consider donating to Boundless Trust

The charity Boundless Trust welcomes financial contributions from residents and business to help the most vulnerable people in our community. Your assistance does make a difference and is received and appreciated

Your donation to Boundless Trust can make an enormous difference and detailed below is what just £10 can provide! to the most vulnerable in our community in these tough times. Please don’t just be limited to a donation of £10 as every donation is a valuable contribution.

A few of the Projects administered by the charity Boundless Trust

  1. Looe Hardship Fund £10.00 will provide help towards families in crisis towards a utility bill or an essential household item.
  2. Looe Community Meals £10.00 will provide two hot meals per week
  3. Looe Community Cupboard £10.00 will provide families in need with sanitary wear and baby items like nappies and wet winelore 
  4. Christmas Hamper* £10.00 will provide treats to residents living alone.
  5. Looe Christmas Day Lunch £10.00 will provide a Christmas meal in the Millpool Centre
  6. Looe Secret Santa*   £10.00 will provide gifts for children in need at Christmas.

*Looe’s Secret Santa is a initiative provided by Boundless Trust to give children under 11 a gift of a toy or book.

In partnership with Looe Lions, Christmas hampers are also provided to nominated residents to bring some Christmas cheer.

TO DONATE to any of these amazing projects, visit Boundless Trust’s Crowdfunder at BOUNDLESS TRUST – a Community crowdfunding project in Looe by Looe Community Meals (