Looe fore street

Street Information Officers

Andrew Dodd and Julia Sanderson started work as Looe’s Street Information Officers on the 8th March 2021.

Working 7 days a week they will be helping to maintain government guidelines and will be in position until the end of June.

Please respect the advice given and give them a wave while you are out and about.

The role is part of the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund which supports the safe reopening of high streets and neighborhood shopping areas and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation open

Cornwall Council has now received the Draft Looe Neighbourhood Development Plan and Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Following successful legal compliance checks, consultation on these documents is currently live for a 10 week period until 13th May 2021.

All associated documents are available for public viewing on the online planning register under the application number PA21/00007/NDP.

Comments can be submitted online or through emailing neighbourhoodplanning@cornwall.gov.uk.

Following on from this, the plan will undergo an examination and eventually go to referendum where residents will be able to vote for or against the adoption of this plan. Adoption would mean that the plan would carry full weight in the councils decision making process.’

Looe community meals project

Looe Community Meals Project

Organisers of the Looe Community Meals initiative have recently appointed Sara Barron to coordinate the project following a successful grant application of £14,000 to the DEFRA food resilience fund.


Cllr Edwina Hannaford who initially led the project and obtained the grant said, “We are delighted to welcome Sara to the team. With Sara onboard we can now expand the service and build on the success of the ‘meals on wheels’ delivery service provided by local restaurant The Golden Guinea. Current providers include, The Old Sail Loft Restaurant, The Golden Guinea, The Sticky Spoon (Rivercroft Hotel), Coddy Shack, Coop fair share and The Lookout on the Quay, who are also providing ‘Pay it forward’ tokens for a takeaway coffee. Other local businesses and suppliers have been very generous and collaborated including the Cornish Tea Company, Sara’s Pasties and Quayside Fresh has provided fresh fruit and vegetables at discounted rates.


Sara’s role is to bring more providers on board whether it’s a takeaway, restaurant or café, coordinate the volunteer delivery drivers and identify people in need. We also currently need more volunteer drivers, especially for Sunday’s for approximately 30 minutes commitment. To date, 21 individuals and families are currently supported with food twice a week.


Sara said, “The recipients have either limited cooking facilities to produce a hot, nutritious healthy meal, have limited income due to redundancy because of Covid-19, at the end of seasonal employment or find cooking difficult because of disability or infirmary.” “We guarantee confidentiality and treat people with the dignity they deserve, we are here to help.” 

The scheme currently provides tray bakes such as cottage pie, lasagne, vegetarian options or a roast twice a week and even a fish supper takeaway.


A flavour of what the recipients think;

“We are so excited to be having a takeaway which we would never normally have and to choose what we want! Wow thank you so much.”

“It is so kind what you are doing (providing meals). I know that those two days I do not have to worry how I am going to cook something.”


Potential recipients can self-refer, a relative or friend can request assistance or other agencies can also make referrals such as local councillors, Rusty Bucket, schools or the surgery. To make a referral or for more information contact Sara on 07766020524 or looecommunitymeals@gmail.com


Although meals are free, recipients are able to make a voluntary donation to enable the project to become sustainable in the future so more families and individuals in need of freshly prepared, wholesome food can be supported. Looe Development Trust administer the financial accountability of the project and it has the support of Looe Town Council.


Edwina continued, “Some areas of Looe are in the worst 20% in the UK for child poverty, and Looe and Polperro are heavily dependent on the tourism sector which has been the sector most effected by the pandemic with some businesses facing total lockdown twice, laying off staff or putting them on short time. There is also a high proportion of self-employed people in Looe who have been adversely effected by the loss of trade from the tourism sector supply chain. Some people in Looe and Polperro, even in a good year, face hardship with a seasonal economy and low paid service industry jobs so this service will make a real difference.”


‘Looe Community Meals’ compliments other schemes like the Looe Town Council Hardship Fund, the Liskeard & Looe Foodbank and the Lighthouse Community Centre regularly deliver to Looe and surrounding villages on Fridays and have willingly taken onboard families and individuals identified through Looe Town Council and Rusty Bucket Hardship Funds. The Looe hardship fund can provide essential white goods like a fridge or microwave, will contribute to essential utility bills like phone, electricity and rent and items for school like uniforms and occasionally food if an individual or family are not able to access the food bank. If you need to talk through your needs, you can call Rusty Bucket on 07896515334. Alternatively you can also text this number and someone will call you back within 24 hours, or please email: support@looetowncouncil.gov.uk


Edwina concluded, “The Looe Community Meals Project” will really make a difference. I would like to thank Sara, the steering group, local providers and volunteer deliverers. The whole team have pulled together to help; what an amazing community we have in Looe and Polperro, it just shows what we can do it we all work together.” 

Current & Upcoming Road Closures

Cornwall Council have asked us to share the following information, regarding three road closures in Looe.


Barbican Hill, East Looe

Timing: 8th March to 12th March 2021 (24hrs until 11th March, then 9:30am to 3:30pm until 12th March)

Reason for Emergency Closure: Road closure for cable renewal works.

Contact: Openreach – Tel: 03700500792 or email btprioritysurveys@sunbeltrentals.co.uk

The above closure has been approved and is now in progress. Please click the following link to view a map and associated documents: https://one.network/?tm=121516742


Shutta, East Looe

Timing: 22nd March 2021 to 24th March 2021 (7:30am to 5:00pm)

Contact: Cornwall Council – Tel: 0300 1234 222 or email roadspace@cormacltd.co.uk

The above closure has been approved. Please click the following link to view a map and associated documents: https://one.network/?tm=120260175


West Looe Hill, West Looe

Timing: 24th March 2021 to 26th March 2021 (7:30am to 5:00pm)

Contact: Cornwall Council – Tel: 0300 1234 222 or email roadspace@cormacltd.co.uk

The above closure has been approved. Please click the following link to view a map and associated documents: https://one.network/?tm=120258402


Looe valley

Looe Valley Cycle Trails

The Looe Valley Trails project is a scheme which will create approximately 80kms of trails in South East Cornwall for residents and visitors to walk, bicycle and horse ride.

Part of the South East Cornwall regeneration programme, the project will provide a network of tracks connecting Looe, Liskeard, Bodmin and Cremyll, opening up access to some of the most beautiful and distinctive landscape in Cornwall.

Led by Cornwall Council working with town and parish councils, community groups and stakeholders, the trails will support more active lifestyles, encourage more visitors to the area and enhance and interpret the natural and historic environment.

This project has been in development for some time, with partners building on the work previously carried out by community groups and stakeholders to identify preferred routes and develop a strong business case to secure funding. This has involved identifying more off-road sections and routes with gentle gradients to be more accessible to all.

We now have a dedicated page on our website where we will be sharing updates on plans.


Find out more about the Looe Valley Trails project, and share your thoughts and ideas, here.

Happy St Piran’s day to all our residents

Our new Communications Officer (and Apprentice), has created this unique video and song to celebrate St Piran’s day this year. Thank you Esme!


Looe Lifeboat Appeal – Raising funds for the Ollie Naismith II

The RNLI has just launched an appeal to raise £78,000 for a new D-class inshore lifeboat, at Looe. Like the current D-class, the new lifeboat (due to arrive in 2022) will be named in memory of Ollie Naismith.  

A D-class inshore lifeboat has served Looe since 1992, but next year, the current D Class Ollie Naismith will have reached the end of its operational life and needs to be replaced. The appeal aims to raise the total amount needed to build the lifeboat, deliver it to station, together with all the relevant kit and provide the necessary ongoing crew training.

Launching this appeal during a pandemic means that many traditional fundraising activities are on hold until lockdown restrictions are relaxed. However, we will still be marking the launch virtually with the premiere of our appeal video on the RNLI Looe Lifeboat Station Facebook page. The appeal team are planning fundraising events, including concerts in the boathouse, beach activities and open days, details of these will be released when circumstances allow. In the meantime, we are looking to use social media to promote our appeal and would love our followers and supporters to share it with friends and engage with their own socially distanced fundraisers.

People wishing to support the appeal can donate and / or fundraise in a number of ways: 

· Visit the Looe Lifeboat Appeal JustGiving page.

· Visit the Looe Lifeboat Donation page.

· Make a direct donation to the appeal by contacting the fundraising team at looernli@rnli.org.uk, who can provide online banking details or a postal address for your donation.

· If you’d like to hold a fundraising event or activity, you can setup your own JustGiving page by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Looe-Lifeboat-Appeal and clicking on the “Start Fundraising” button.

To find out more about this appeal, and the fantastic work of the RNLI,  head on over to their official website.

Free training for 19-24 year olds in Looe

Whitehead Ross Education and Consulting are now offering Traineeships in Looe, to support young people aged 19 – 24.

Finding it hard to secure a job or an Apprenticeship, but feel you need more guidance and experience? Have you thought of doing a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is a great opportunity for you to build up your skills and experience through a work placement to make you more employable. Traineeships include Maths and English Functional Skills, Employability Skills and 70 hours voluntary work placement.

You will spend 3 days a week in our centre, with 2 days per week on a work placement with a local employer. The programme is delivered in small groups of up to 6 people in our central Looe learning centre.

To be eligible, your highest existing qualifications must be at Level 3 or below.

New for 2021!

Opportunity for a 2 week work placement in Malaga, Spain.

For further information, contact us on 01273 281981 or email workforceskills@wrecltd.co.uk.

Traineeships for 19 24 year olds looe footer

Jackie weaver

Have you thought about being a Councillor – Join Jackie Weaver viral sensation, to see what it is all about!

Ever thought about becoming a Councillor and making a difference?

2 March 2021 — 18:00 – 19:00 FREE webinar

Join viral sensation, Jackie Weaver, and a group of community heroes to discuss getting involved with your local (parish and town) council. Are you passionate about your community? Do you want to help make a long-lasting change? Do you have concerns about a specific issue and want to do something about it? This event will tell you what you need to know about local councils, and what they do, the role of a councillor and how to become one.

Speakers: Cllr Emily Benner, Croxley Green Parish Council, Cllr Rachael Pearson, Denmead Parish Council, Cllr Dan Thomas, mayor of Much Wenlock Town Council and Jackie Weaver, chief officer at the Cheshire Association of Local Councils

Host: Matt Chorley, presenter for Times Radio and Saturday columnist for The Times

To book your free ticket please click this link https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-events/make-a-change-free-public-event 

Shutta Road

Latest information from Cormac on Shutta Road works

In an email received this week Cormac stated:

Firstly could I please apologise for our lateness in sending you this update. We’re acutely aware that it is much overdue and are very sorry for the frustration that has been caused by not contacting you sooner.

Following the commencement of repairs to the original three sections of wall on Shutta Road, additional sections of parapet wall have been identified as unstable and must be also be rebuilt.  These repairs will be a continuation of those currently underway and include the rebuilding of the parapet wall adjacent to the wall behind Dolphin and a 18m section of parapet wall at Trelyne Cottage.  The completion of the previously identified works, plus these new sections is programmed for the end of June 2021. Please be assured that every effort will be made to reduce that timeframe.

Whilst we have been carrying out the original works we agreed with the Cornwall Council that all repairs, including those more recently identified, should be carried out during the original road closure booking, in an effort to reduce disruption to residents at a later date by closing the road again. The additional sections that have been identified are unstable and leaning and a considerable hazard to persons below the wall and users of the highway.

The intention was to reuse the existing stonework to reconstruct the parapet walls where possible since they are located in a Conservation Area. However, it soon became apparent that the existing stonework could not be reused and was unsuitable, as it comprised of generally small and highly weathered stones that needed the existing bound mortar removed. Additionally, since the existing walls are very slender and generally 450mm wide, quarried stonework was also deemed not feasible, since a double-faced stone parapet is required. Aside from the extensive cutting operations which would be needed, creating a great deal of create noise and dust, the parapet would not achieve the required strength.  The method of construction adopted attempts to address all of these considerations, plus maintains access for emergency vehicles, workspace for the gang, alongside sufficient containment for pedestrians and vehicles, whilst achieving a suitably strong replacement parapet wall.

I’m sure you can appreciate, we have experienced some delays following members of the site team having to self-isolate, in line with Covid-19 work procedures and we must also maintain gang structures on all of our sites (or “work bubbles”), minimising any movement of personnel from one site to another. The imposition of the current lockdown has also impacted some of our supply chain for the materials we require, and this has also caused some delays. We will seek to engage additional resource as soon as it is possible and endeavour to reduce the works programme if the opportunity presents itself.

We are extremely aware that although they are essential, these safety works are causing inconvenience to those living in the vicinity and we very much appreciate you all being so patient. The site team will continue to plan their working methods to keep access to your properties open as much as possible, however some tasks may require temporary blockage and we again thank you for your patience and ask that you please bear with them. They do understand the disruption you’re experiencing and will do their best to facilitate your needs.

If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to speak to someone about this, please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at contracting@cormacltd.co.uk